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Air Purifier Necklace

Air Purifier Necklace

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Refresh your mind by purifying the air around you.

Improve your quality of life with your own personal bubble of clean air!

EFFICIENT PURIFICATION: This ionic air purifier releases more than three million negative ion-purified air to remove contaminants from your personal space. Scientifically proven, it can effectively purify air polluted by indoor air and indoor harmful substances (such as pollen, dust), second-hand smoke and bacteria, mould, formaldehyde, and even PM2.5 air pollutants, which can improve your mood, health and sleep.

PORTABLE & DURABLE: This mini air purifier is simple and compact. It can be hung around the neck, hung in the car, very stylish, and it can be used to create a clean, good air area in travel, public places or other places with poor air quality. Let the fresh air always accompany you. No radiation, low noise and lightweight so easy to wear!

NO NOISE & EASY TO USE: The sound is very quiet during operation and will not bother you when you work or rest. The operation is very simple, just press the button for two seconds to enjoy the fresh air.

PROTECT YOUR SAFETY: Portable ion air purifiers have no radiation. Negative ions effectively combine the static radiation of the TV and computer to form a layer of negative ion protection layer to reduce the damage of radiation to the skin.

COLOUR: Black/White/Rose/Blue

RECHARGEABLE: The portable ion air purifier has a USB charging port, Charge half hour can be used for about 20 hours, to ensure your air is fresh and protect you during the flu season.

USB charging and low power consumption, zero ozone and no radiation, safer and healthier to use.


Negativity Ions remove harmful substances and improve one's quality of life.

  • Material: Plastic
  • Air Volume: 50m³/h
  • Power (W): 1w
  • Voltage (V): 220-240V
  • Capacity (CFM): -
  • Application area: 11-20㎡
  • Formaldehyde Removal Rate: 98.00%
  • Power Source: USB
  • Benzene Removal Rate: 98.00%
  • Noise: ≤25dB
  • Anion Density: no ionizer
  • Application: 10-20m³
  • Certification: CE
  • Function: Self-cleaning
  • Wind Speed: Standard
  • Oxygen Supply: Below 1L/min

Package List:
1* Personal Air Purifier
1* USB Charge Cable




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