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Rise Play - Bedside Digital Alarm Clock and Bluetooth Speaker

Rise Play - Bedside Digital Alarm Clock and Bluetooth Speaker

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Elevate Your Mornings and Play Your Way with Rise Play:

The Ultimate Bedside Digital Alarm Clock & Bluetooth Speaker. Introducing Rise Play, a multifunctional marvel that will redefine your morning routine and elevate your leisure time. Available in three striking colors - Yellow, Orange, and Purple - this compact, sleek, and modern design seamlessly combines functionality with style. Say hello to your new morning and music companion!

Wireless Entertainment Hub: Rise Play is not just an alarm clock; it's also your personal DJ. Connect any smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and immerse yourself in your favorite tunes or even radio stations. Experience music in a whole new way, and let the world's melodies awaken you.

Intuitive Digital Display: Stay on top of your schedule with the digital LED clock face, easily switchable between 24 or 12-hour time formats. This vivid, legible display ensures you're always in sync with your day, no matter how early it starts.

Three Alarm Modes: With three distinct alarm modes, Rise Play ensures you'll never oversleep again. Choose the wake-up method that suits your rhythm, and start your day with confidence and punctuality.

Customisable Brightness: Personalise your bedroom's ambiance with Rise Play's three-level adjustable brightness. Whether you prefer a gentle glow or a bright, crisp display, this clock adapts to your preferences for a soothing, tailored atmosphere.

Optional Date and Room Temperature Display: Keep track of your appointments and stay informed about your indoor environment with the optional date and room temperature display. It's the ultimate convenience for your busy lifestyle.

Compact and Contemporary: Rise Play doesn't just function well; it looks incredible, too. Its compact, sleek, and modern design allows it to blend seamlessly into your bedroom decor, turning heads with its contemporary elegance while offering an array of features for your everyday convenience.

Made from wood 

Size: 12cm x 9cm x5cm






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