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Professional Lash Lift Kit for Eyelash Lifting

Professional Lash Lift Kit for Eyelash Lifting

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Do you want perfectly curled lush lases every morning - wouldn't that save you so much time, money & stress? 

We have the solution try our Professional Lash Lifting Kit its everything you need!! The perfect curling and nutritious eyelash treatment!! 

·       Lush curls last up to 8 weeks! (2 months)

·       Premium quality formula rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness

·       Easily apply in minutes pain-free - save time & money!!!


How It Works 

  • The Perm Lotion is a curling agent that allows the eyelash to curl Naturally beautiful.
  • Setting Lotion allows the lash to keep its curl for 2 months approx (the life of a natural lash)
  • Silicon Lift Pads x 5 (medium and large) provides an excellent curling angle to fix the eyelashes. All is very easy to use.
  • The Glue is specially formulated for use with the silicon pads. A mild gentle scent and low irritation that does not produce those annoying hard to remove white flakes.
  • Can do up to 12 -15 people from one kit 

How to Use?

Step1: Using the 4th cleanser lotion to clear off the oil, dust and makeup residue on eyelashes.

Step2: Put the under-eye pads on the lower eyelids.

Step3: Stick the silicone eye pads on the upper eyelids.

Step4: Apply the glue on the eyelashes and silicone eye pads.

Step5: Brush eyelashes by Y shape brush, then covering the clingfilm on eyelashes for 10 minutes.

Step6: Apply 1st perm lotions on eyelashes, covering the clingfilm on eyelashes for 10 minutes.

Step7: Apply 2nd fixation lotions on eyelashes, covering the clingfilm on eyelashes for 10 minutes.

Step8: Remove the clingfilm, using the 4th cleanser lotion to clear off all perm residue.

Step9: Finally, apply 3rd nutrition lotions to repair the eyelash.


  •  Perm Lotion. Resealable 
  • Setting Lotion. Resealable
  •  Nourishing Agent. Resealable
  • Silicon Pads. 10 x Medium and 10 x Large. Reusable
  • Glue for Silicone Pads. Resealable.
  • Full instructions are on the back of the Box. 

NET WT of each bottle: 5ml/bottle
Size of Packing Box: 16*12*2 cm






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