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Wearable Headphones Wireless Bluetooth, Fm Radio

Wearable Headphones Wireless Bluetooth, Fm Radio

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A new music experience for those who don’t like insert or over the ear headphones, Openwear keeps you included in conversations and your surroundings.

Bluetooth, FM radio and Micro SD playback

If you find it uncomfortable to wear earphones or headphones, but love listening to music? Then Openwear is perfect for you, they just rest on your shoulders. The sound is full and clear to you, yet sound is minimized to others

Openwear also has built in Dual Pairing, so if you buy 2 sets two people can listen to the same music or movie soundtrack.

Openwear gives the same music listening experience as you would get from earphones or headphones, but provides more comfort when listening and still keeps you open to your surroundings. So whether you are at home listening for the doorbell or the children playing in the other room you still listening to your music but can stay connected to whats going on outside the music. Or you might be driving in your car, and you get a call you can talk hands-free thanks to the built-in Mic.

Play music from any Bluetooth transmitting device, or listen to FM Radio or play MP3 music from your Micro SD card. The Openwear has a rechargeable battery with up to 4 hours battery life.

The smart technology inside the Openwear uses micro speakers to give you perfect stereo sound in your ears, whilst keeping noise to a minimum to the outside world. Being lightweight (only 302g) you will almost forget you are wearing the Openwear.

Available in Black Fabric or Grey Fabric.






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