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Natural Jade Face Massager Set

Natural Jade Face Massager Set

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This natural pink jade face massage set gives you the perfect facial workout. This is a must-have anti-ageing tool!!

Use the jade roller and gua sha tool several times a day, they can help with promoting blood circulation, reduce puffiness, smooth wrinkles of the face and neck. Prolonged use of the tools can improve skin condition and can give you a healthy glowing face. 

What are the benefits? 
1. Reduce puffiness, the appearance of wrinkle/ fine lines and helps with reducing dark circles
2. Stimulates lymphatic system and boosts the blood circulation 
3. Tightens pores and firms the skin by boosting skin elasticity
4. Brightens complexion, tones and conditions the skin
5. Stimulates collagen production
6. Relieve facial tension and relaxes your face muscles 
7. Helps penetrate beauty products such as creams into the skin deeper for better absorption and effect
8. You can use it on other parts of the body as well

Material: High-quality Natural Jade Stone

Jade Roller - jade roller has 2 ends, the bigger end is suitable for face, neck and body massage, the small roller fits eyes and small corner, gently push along skin growth direction and massage for 10 - 15 minutes. You can also heat the roller in hot water to accelerate skin to absorb skincare cream

Guasha Scraper -Keep it at a 15-degree angle when moving from the centre of the face towards to hairline, then down the neck towards the collar bone this improves blood microcirculation (ancient Chinese method). You can also put it in the refrigerator, and use it cold to experience extra relaxation

How to use

Wash your face with ordinary cleaning products.
Apply any night cream on the face and neck.
Move upward, and gently move the jadeite roller around the forehead, cheeks, lips, and neck. If your eyes are puffy or puffy, close your eyes and roll gently on the eyelids.
Use the roller on the face and neck for 5 to 10 minutes.
Use rollers three times a week to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Packing:  2pcs/set with Luxury packaging box




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