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Quartz Crystal & Bamboo Glass Water Bottle

Quartz Crystal & Bamboo Glass Water Bottle

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Give someone special a Special Gift. These water bottles are not only beautiful and useful but they also promote Good Health and overall well-being.

 Why Use A Crystal Water Bottle?

Placing a crystal stone in a bottle gives back its accumulated energy into the water you drink. Hydration and Healing Energy - that's the combo we like! Each crystal has a unique power: some lower the levels of stress, some improve creativity, others are good at balancing emotions, and so on.

Crystals promote clarity, remove negative energy, improve concentration, promote energy & positivity and spiritual growth. 

  • White crystal point is called a “vacuum cleaner”, and can absorb negative energy etc.
  • Its energy is emitted from the top tip, called a “generator”, if its weight is enough, will be emitted continuously, forming a strong energy field from the centre point, like a swirl

A choice of 5 Natural Healing Crystals. Each natural quartz crystal is said to have its own healing benefits and charge your drinking water with energy.

AMETHYST- Helps with Stress. Promote relaxation. It Brings Peace and Balance.

CLEAR QUARTZ- Aids Concentration, Unlock Memory. Master Healer Above All.

PINK QUARTZ- "The Love Stone". Helps in Forgiveness. Raises Self Esteem.

BLACK TOURMALINE-Guards against Radiation. Promotes Self Confidence. Protects and Eliminates Negative Energy.

With the removable crystal, you can place the stone in your living room or office during particularly stressful days.

Please Note: Colours of the crystal might be slightly different due to the photo lighting.

Specs/ Features

  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean, easy to change and swap crystals
  • A rubber screw base to ensure the bottle is leak-proof.
  • This water bottle is made from glass and bamboo.
  • 500mls




Despite every effort to provide accurate images of each product's colour, actual colours may vary slightly, due to different device screen settings, and lighting, You may also find slight differences in product finishes that may also vary over time.

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